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The United States has been inspired by its variety, its nature and its cities much more than any other national narrative. Without a doubt, this is not the case just because the country wanted to form an identity, but also because of its landscapes which hide a unique beauty and a sense of grandeur these aspects allow for a source of inspiration more than anywhere else. In national parks the view reaches far into the infinite horizon, giving reason for calm meditation.


The country of love, light and fashion. The most visited country in the world and the ideal destination for writers, philosophers, painters and artists in general. Who does not know the Eiffel Tower? This wonder of the world is reflected in commercials, movies, series or books. However, it is not the same to see it in these reflections compared to the real-life counterpart.


Peru is a diverse country full of ancient wealth, rich in tourist destinations. You can find many things to do during the day such as taking a walk to the Historic Center of Lima to cross one of "The Wonders of the World Machu Picchu". Practice ecotourism while you consume the best Peruvian dishes and everything at unbeatable prices.


One of the most important symbols of China, the Great Wall is the longest wall in the world, an impressive feat of ancient defensive architecture. Its winding road through the rugged country and rugged mountains makes it a wonder to behold. It deserves its place between "the new Seven Wonders of the world" and the UNESCO World Heritage Site in China. The wall extends from the western border of China to the east coast, for a total of about 5,000 kilometers (3,100 miles).


Israel is a country where you can enjoy the green of the Mediterranean forests of Galilee, but also the vast expanses of the Negev desert in just a few hours. To these landscapes we must add the plains that line the Mediterranean Sea and the hills of Jerusalem, as well as the Dead Sea and the Red Sea. In short, there is an incredible variety of landscapes that every traveler worth his salt should explore. Israel is one of the countries in which there is one of the highest concentrations of natural reserves worldwide with respect to the extension of the territory.


Endowed with an immense territory, a variety of enormous climates, natural wonders, culture, customs and famous gastronomies internationally, a very high degree of development, good quality of life and a well-prepared infrastructure, Argentina is the recipient of massive numbers of travelers. The Argentine territory extends from the highest peaks of the Andes in the west to the great rivers and the long beaches and cliffs of the Argentine Sea in the east, from the rainforest of the yungas to the north to the valleys, glaciers, lakes and Cold forests of the Andean Patagonia in the south to Antarctica. The gigantic distances require in most cases air travel.